Vasectomy Reversal (Vasovasostomy)

Vasectomy is usually considered a method of permanent sterilization, but reversal is possible in most cases. With microsurgical techniques, the likelihood of restoring flow is quite high but does decrease as the number of years from vasectomy increases. Dr. Taylor performs vasectomy reversal microsurgically in conjunction with Dr. Iain McAuley, a urologist. Dr. McAuley can be contacted directly at 250-388-7334 or contact Dr. Taylor to arrange a consultation.

Vasectomy Reversal | Victoria BC | Saanich

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Vasectomy Reversal | Victoria BC | Saanich

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Microsurgery, or microvascular surgery, is a modern surgical technique that allows surgeons to operate on tiny blood vessels and organs. Using microscopes, highly precise instruments and surgical techniques developed and perfected during the last 50 years, microsurgeons can perform a variety of delicate procedures, including tissue transplantation or free flaps, replantation or reattachment of amputated body parts, treatment of vascular disease, nerve repair and grafting.